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We are extremely proud to be named “Michigan Rum Distillery of the Year” by the New York International spirits Competition. And while we’re at it, try Wise Men’s award-winning Vodka today too.


Red Tape Series

Our Red Tape series is a nod to overcoming the challenges that are encountered when starting a distillery. This is due to the prohibition era laws, many of which remain unchanged to this day. The series is our finest spirits, handcrafted in-house and sourced with quality, local ingredients.

The powerful nose of sweet corn and a hint of citrus lets you know you're in for something big in the glass. This moonshine follows through, with a peppery bite followed by a lovely and long-lasting sweet and citrusy finish. 

Nose: powerful, with corn and a hint of citrus 
Taste: potent, with a peppery bite followed by a lasting sweet and citrusy finish 

This gin is very approachable, the smell of juniper hits you in the nose just right, alluding to the journey ahead of you. Upon taste, a bouquet of floral and citrus notes finish the gin with slight hints of juniper dancing on the tongue.

Nose: mild juniper and citrus, with light floral

Taste: mild juniper, with floral followed by a sweet citrus finish

This apple pie moonshine packs all the flavor of a *really* good apple pie into every sip, with tons of cinnamon, rich apple, and even the flaky, buttery crust. Viscous and quite sweet, drink this one for dessert or mix it into a cocktail to lighten it up. 

Nose: sweet cinnamon and molasses 
Taste: perfectly balanced apple and baking spice flavors in a sweet and viscous base 

This is not your usual white rum. A light and mild nose is followed up by a rum with lots of fruity esters, but little of the sweetness that you'll find in most other white rum bottlings.  

Nose: light and mild 
Taste: fruity esters and little sweetness 

A well balanced and smooth vodka, with a touch of sweetness and a hint of something fruity. Great for mixing with pretty much anything, but interesting enough to enjoy on its own. 

Nose: mild and pleasant, hint of something fruity 
Taste: light, smooth and slightly sweet