Locally sourced. Smart distillation. Pure enjoyment. 

Wise Men Distillery is a small batch craft distiller that prides itself on creating artisan spirits of unquestionable quality.  Our unique distillation method helps to remove those harsh, headache inducing impurities. The result? Exceptionally smooth, flavorful spirits that speak for themselves. 

Our Red Tape Series spirits are handcrafted in-house and in small batches using locally sourced ingredients. Think pure Lake Michigan water, tart apples from Northern Michigan, fresh limes, corn from West Michigan farms and rich maple syrup tapped from our state’s maple trees. We draw from our barrels when they reach their sweet spot, not by counting the days on a calendar. 

We craft our spirits with the full intention of allowing them to live, breath and stand on their own. They don’t need masking or mixers. But feel free to enjoy them on their own, on the rocks or with your own twist.

It’s a labor of love and we hope that love can be felt in every sip that touches your lips.